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We are aware that it can be challenging for busy organizations to develop new training to keep up with the rapid advancements of innovation approaches, lean tools and techniques, and improvement methodologies. That is why we have done it for you.


Learning and sharing are at the core of our mission and one of the most effective ways of learning is through doing. Most of our courses use innovative teaching techniques and are designed in a way to encourage interaction, promote experience and make learning fun, memorable and effective. But this is not all. Each course can be adapted to your company’s specific needs (e.g. use your product as an example) and can be facilitated at the location of your choice.


Introduction to Lean Product Development

Learn what Lean Thinking is and how Lean Product Development can be a solution to improve organization’s design/innovation performance. Theoretical foundations, different lean models and representation of value added and waste activities are presented through the module and participants are encouraged to reflect how lean philosophy can benefit their product development processes.

SMART Maturity Assessment for Lean Product Development

In this session, participants will be introduced to the SMART Maturity Assessment Tool for Product Development.

The training begins with an introduction to performance measurement, why is it important and how can you improve simply by assessing different practices on 4 perspectives: process, tools, knowledge and skills. After the initial introduction to SMART Tool in the second part of the day, each participant will use SMART Tool to partially assess the leanness of a fictive company’s innovation process and collaboratively build a roadmap based on the assessment outcomes. The session will conclude with a discussion on how SMART can be used in individual organizations to help them build a roadmap for their lean innovation journey


Value Stream Mapping for Lean Product Development

Participants will learn about Value Stream Mapping (VSM), a method for visually analysing the current product development process to eliminate waste and create value.

In the first part of the training, a theoretical foundation and methodology is presented. In the second part of the training, a simulation of value stream mapping is conducted with participants working on hands-on the case to improve the product development process.

A3 Thinking

Through the module, participants will learn how the usage of key information and lessons learnt significantly accelerates the decision-making process. Through an interactive simulation, they will use A3 thinking template and define solutions in a collaborative way following LAMDA learning cycle.


Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

This module provides an introduction to the history, methodology and organizational benefits of Quality Function Deployment. Participants will understand QFD process and learn how to apply it in their organization through guided simulation business case.

SBi²: Supercharge your lean innovation processes

Learn how to apply the Set-Based Integrated Innovation (SBi²) framework, developed on the foundations of Toyota’s Set-Based Concurrent Engineering and Design Thinking methodology through a gamified training.

The module begins with a brief introduction to the approach’s fundamental ideas based on which we will dive straight into a fast-paced business game, full of interesting roles and exciting activities. You will be a part of an innovation team, tasked to develop a new product following a dynamic SBi² process. You will learn how to elicit real customer desires and needs, as well as how these can be rapidly transformed into a set of potential solutions, prototyped and validated while innovating cross-functionally in order to ensure the product will reach the market quickly and successfully.


Lean Product Development Best Practices

It is true: there is no one single way to implement lean thinking to the product development. Nevertheless, several organizations have achieved impactful results by focusing on specific practices during their journey.

This module is highlighting the current trends and best practices in Lean Product Development and includes fundamentals, know-how as well as examples of application. Although based on lean principle all practices included in this training are derived directly from industry. What is more, participants will experience how some of these practices can impact any organization through short, hands-on games.

Design Thinking

The purpose of this module is to engage participants in a multidisciplinary collaboration to tackle real world problems with a human-centered approach. By following this approach, participants are encouraged to discover through observation what is meaningful and to whom, to generate empathy with users, find a specific focus to a challenge and ideate on possible solutions. These must then be quickly prototyped, tested and iterated based on results. Participants will learn about some of the different tools and exercises to generate insights, collaborative working, idea building, rapid prototyping and iterative testing.


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