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Our mission is to facilitate the transformation of companies by applying lean thinking and innovation best  practices in the product development process.


We help organizations to become more user-oriented, innovative and efficient, by  providing guidance and support for the implementation of lean thinking. Supporting organizations on their lean journeys when pursuing value creation and waste elimination is one of our main goals.

To accomplish our mission, we focus on three core elements:


Learn about the latest trends, best practices, and experiences that will help you as an organization or individuals to understand and implement lean thinking in the product development process. To bring the best and most efficient solutions, we carefully follow a simple approach “learn by doing”. We do this by working closely with companies, universities, consultancies, and individuals to address the current lean product development challenges and outline the future directions.


To help you become efficient and innovative in what you do as an organization or individual is our core goal. We strive to answer simple questions “What can I do to become a better and more efficient innovator and how to make a difference in my organization?” With our support, you will be able to innovate more effectively and disruptively.


To share all lessons learned, success stories, knowledge and experiences gained from all our activities is our key priority. As an organization or individual, you will be able to advance your leanness as we aim to promote lean product development and innovation knowledge effectively.

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