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LiF 2016: To lean or not to LEAN: Discover the top 3 human aspects to make your Lean initiative sustainable


LiF 2016: To lean or not to LEAN: Discover the top 3 human aspects to make your Lean initiative sustainable

The big Question: How can you motivate someone who isn’t motivated?

You can’t. But you can help them find their own source of motivation. Leverage on the 3 human aspects – the vital behaviours, personal motivation and ability, peer pressure and working on social influence – the most potent force for sustainable Lean initiatives.


The Researches, Mini-workshop, and Objectives:
In VitalSmarts research we found that most leaders put a great deal of time into crafting strategy, selecting winning products, and engaging with analysts and shareholders, but only 6% of leaders can successfully influence their employees’ behaviour. 94% of dysfunctional behaviours persist for a year or longer in organizations, 1/3 of these problems persist for more than 10 years.

This very interactive mini-workshop has been created from VitalSmarts “Influencer training program” which is based on more than 20 years researches and studies.Videos, theory, discussions and exercises will help participants to find their own methodology for their Lean challenges.

The objective of this workshop is to discover the importance of the 3 human aspects of Lean initiatives.

Change the behavior change the result: those who understand how to combine the human aspects and the sources of influence, are up to 10X more successful at producing substantial and sustainable changes.





Organizations around the world have turned to Influencer Training to improve bottom-line results like workplace safety, customer service, compliance, process improvement and profitability.

For example, Influencer Training® Helps Spectrum Health achieved an Unprecedented 98% Hand Hygiene Compliance.



To learn more about the “Top 3 human aspects to make your Lean initiative sustainable”, join me at the Lean Innovation Forum on November 9, 2016 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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