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Lean Innovation model

The Lean Innovation Model was developed in 2014 with the aim to become a reference for a successful, coherent and integrated implementation of lean thinking in innovation and product development. It considers, both the technical aspect that should be taken into account in lean product development process itself, as well as the ‘soft’ aspect which is indispensable for a successful implementation.


The model consists of 4 building blocks, each comprising of 3 enablers. Lean Innovation Model is built in a way to enable integrated way to start (or continue) lean innovation journey and is applicable across different business streams that are directly or indirectly involved in the development of new products or services.


There is no secret formula or one way of how to implement lean in innovation successfully, but it rather depends on the company specific needs and its vision. In regards to product and market challenges, efforts could be focused in the different enablers of Lean Innovation Model to implement good and best practices. Following the Lean Innovation Model organizations can ensure a consistent and organized way to achieve business success, quick wins where needed, and a continuous deployment of the different practices that can be implemented under each of the enablers.


Lean Innovation Model is not a dogmatic model, and can, therefore, be used in different ways. The two key directions organization can take is to use the model as a step-by- step guide to the implementation or as a reference that will provide an indication of the future steps that corresponds to organization’s specific needs. In both cases, Lean Innovation Model is providing guidance and helping with the navigation through the uncertain and perhaps unknown waters of transitioning from traditional to lean innovation ecosystem.

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