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LAA Forum: The Place Where Lean Product Development Experts Meet


LAA Forum: The Place Where Lean Product Development Experts Meet

Brigitta-VarroThe 1st Lean Product Development Networking and Learning Forum in Lausanne, Switzerland took place on October 29-31, 2015. This 3-day event brought together lean practitioners from around the world to network, showcase, share their best practices and discuss current and future challenges.


On October 29, over 45 lean practitioners from 20 different companies from all around the world participated in this future-oriented networking and learning event. Eleven out of fifteen speakers were lean practitioners from several different industrial sectors who generously shared their experiences of lean in innovation and product development. BannerParticipants had a chance to hear about some interesting topics, such as Lean project management, Lean innovation processes, Sustainable design, Management of R&D and Compact teams. Along the presentations several speakers touched the topic of current and Agendapotential future challenges and discussed the opportunities to overcome them. While practitioners provided an insight into industrial aspects of lean product development, consultants and academics spoke about several interesting turns lean product development could take in future.

LAA helps practitioners and lean experts to connect with others whose aim is similar to LAA’s; to spread the word about lean product development and the opportunities it has to offer. Events such as this, offer immense opportunity for organizations which are starting their lean journey as well organizations who are looking to further explore how lean product development can enhance their processes, tools and employees mind-set towards a lean culture in innovation.

Lean brings together all sorts of industries, from service-providers in telecommunications to aerospace, healthcare and others. It also connects lean companies with their lean suppliers or industrial customers that enables them to strengthen their relationships. It creates communities, willing to share, learn from one another, and collaborate beyond the boundaries of traditional businesses. That is why, we would like to invite you, to register your interest via email for next year’s Lean Product Development Industrial Networking and Learning FORUM today!





Are you up-to-date with the latest research in innovation?

Professor Christopher Tucci from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) kicked-off the Forum2015 with an express Design Thinking session, which truly warmed-up all participants. They were engaged in a series of rapid activities, starting with customer interviews, followed by design, prototyping and validation, which showcased the essence of this collaborative innovation through Design Thinking.



Chalmers University of Technology from Sweden and Politecnico di Milano from Italy have demonstrated a publicly available free software called “yolean” for more efficient project management. Yolean helps global dislocated teams to execute visual management. In addition, Chalmers University of Technology provided some useful insights into the progress of Knowledge Management and its relevance for product development. LAA has presented its newest research outcome; the Set-Based Integrated Innovation (SBi2) approach. SBi2 is a solution-oriented approach that builds on the best practices of design thinking and set-based concurrent engineering. It provides a collaborative environment where innovation is encouraged, users are integrated into the innovation processes and development time and cost are stabilised through the parallel development of multiple conceptual solutions. Final academic speaker, Professor Noel Leon from Tec de Monterrey (ITESM) Mexico, concluded the morning session with the insights into the history of TRIZ and how it can be used together with lean tools to make an even stronger impact on innovation.




LAA also officially presented a collection of 10 Best Practice Industrial Cases, which were the result of a nearly 1-year long project called Lean Product Development Best Practices Discovery Project 2015. BPDP2015-LogoThree American and seven European companies participated in this project, where their best practices, challenges and solutions were obtained through face-to-face interviews and “Gemba-walks”. You can find more details about the Lean Product development Best Practices Discovery Project and its outcomes by clicking on the logo below. The 10 Best Practice Industrial Cases will be available in early 2016, but you can register your interest via email today.




Lean Product Development and Innovation Trainings

As a part of the Lean Product Development FORUM, LAA and EPFL offered a series of one- and two-day training sessions about different business improvement techniques. The sessions were designated for experienced practitioners as well as people who are just embarking on the path of lean product development. Participants in 2015 had the opportunity to select between three options:

  1. “The basics”: Introduction to Lean Product Development and SMART Assessment
  2. “Visualise your problems”: Value Stream Mapping and A3 Thinking
  3. “Get into design & development”: Set-Based Integrated Innovation with Game

Read more about the different trainings in one of our following blogs (January/February 2016).



Brigitta Varro
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