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DARE Cycle


The DARE Cycle is a representation of a learning cycle, which is particularly useful for any research, improvement, and optimization activity. DARE stands for Discover, Assess, Roadmap and Execute.


Discover lean thinking and increase knowledge to begin your lean product development journey.


Understand the readiness level to implement lean thinking by focusing on assessing the lean maturity level of your organization.


Create a roadmap to execute projects and attain a higher lean maturity level.


Implement the improvement projects defined in the roadmap.

Once the “Execution” phase ends, a new cycle starts to identify/monitor the achieved improvements and to define further steps of the lean journey.

DARE Cycle was developed around LAA’s core elements of the mission: learn, innovate and share. This means that DARE learning cycle not only promotes learn, innovate, share culture within the organization, but it is also reaching further and wider, to innovate openly, learn globally and share to restart the cycle.

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