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Benefits of participating in the Best Practices Discovery Project 2017


Benefits of participating in the Best Practices Discovery Project 2017

Did you know that by participating in the Innovation Best Practices Discovery Project 2017 (BPDP2017), you can profit from different benefits? Your best practices of lean implementation will be documented, you will meet other experienced lean practitioners, assess the leanness of your product development and more. Continue reading and learn more about the benefits of participating in the Innovation Best Practices Discovery Project 2017 (BPDP17). And guess what? We are now looking for companies to join the project and share their success stories!

This is the 3rd edition of the Best Practices Discovery Project. In the first two years, we have collaborated with 15 companies and have successfully documented their best practices in lean product development. Therefore, this year we are looking for fresh, new collaborations. We aim to discover, document and share best practices of world’s leading companies from different industrial sectors which have been focusing on the implementation of different practices to improve their product development process.

If the above is the summary of what we are trying to achieve, then here are the benefits you can expect from joining the project:


Your lean product developmentDOCUMENT YOUR LEAN PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT JOURNEY implementation and application efforts will be documented by two members of the Lean Analytics Association (LAA) through a half- to one-day interview at your company. The best
practices will be collected, structured and described in a documented case, with the aim to:

  • Provide you with a consistent document of your lean practices
  • Inform and inspire companies around the world with your success story
  • Provide the world with tangible, industrial examples of successful lean implementation in product development and R&D

MEASURE YOUR LEAN MATURITYIt is difficult to improve what you do not measure. The same goes for the practices in product development. To enable a thorough understanding and clear indication about the leanness of companies’ product development we developed the SMART Maturity Assessment tool. With the SMART tool, you will measure your current state of leanness, identify your future desired state, understand the opportunity gaps, and benchmark anonymously with other innovative companies from our database. All participating companies in BPDP2017 will get the access to the tool for FREE (otherwise 15.000 Euro), and will also receive a full assessment report.


Another good reason why you should take part in the BPDP2017 is the opportunity to contribute to a publicationDIFFUSE of the book that will be available for sale, including all industrial cases from the Best Practices Discovery Project 2017. By publishing your journey, you will increase your and your company’s recognition among the global community of lean innovation practitioners and professionals.



LEARN AND NETWORKEach year LAA organizes the Lean Innovation Forum that brings together world renowned lean and innovation leaders and practitioners where networking, exchanging and sharing ideas for future
business improvements, is at the core. Participation in the BPDP2017 gives you the opportunity to present your lean journey with the participants of the Lean Innovation Forum 2017, exchange experience and form new connections.

The deadline to register your interest is March 31, 2017, so do not miss this opportunity to join the project by registering as soon as possible!



Lean Analytics Association

Lean Analytics Association (LAA) is a non-profit organization that helps companies to transform by enabling lean thinking in their innovation processes. LAA was founded in Switzerland in 2012 as a spin- off from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). Our mission is to facilitate the transformation of companies by applying lean thinking and innovation best practices in the product development process. To accomplish our mission, we focus on enabling professionals to learn, innovate, and share to enable them to remove waste and accelerate the innovation outcomes providing training, organizing networking events and continuously research the latest trends.

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