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Design Thinking Workshop

LAA-Blog - LiF2017 - Design Thinking

Design Thinking Workshop

As part of the Lean Innovation Forum taking place in Madrid from 24 to 26 October 2017, we will host the Design Thinking workshop at Toyota Auditorium in the afternoon of October 24.

Design Thinking Workshop

In this session, participants will engage in a multidisciplinary collaboration to tackle real-world problems using a human-centered approach. Through a very hands-on session, participants are encouraged to discover through observation what is meaningful and to whom, to generate empathy with users, to find a specific focus on a challenge and to ideate on possible solutions. These must, then, be quickly prototyped, tested and iterated based on customer feedback.


The participants will learn about some of the different tools and exercises to generate insights, collaborative working, idea building, rapid prototyping and iterative testing.


Participation at the workshop includes:

  • The Design Thinking workshop
  • A networking lunch


WORKSHOP: Design Thinking
DATE: 24 October 2017
TIME:  14.00 – 18.00
VENUE: Toyota, Madrid
PRICE: 345 EUR(early bird), 395 EUR (regular price)


EPFL - Chris Tucci

Prof Christopher Tucci

Professor Tucci is Dean of the College of Management of Technology at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), where he is the Chair of Corporate Strategy & Innovation.

He received his PhD degree in Management from the Sloan School of Management, MIT. He joined EPFL in 2003 where he teaches courses in Technology and Innovation Management (TIM), Information Technology Strategy and Design Thinking.

His primary areas of interest are business models, open innovation, lean innovation, crowdsourcing and design thinking.



Places for the workshop are limited.

To attend the Design Thinking workshop at Toyota, please select the Pre-forum Training (Afternoon, 24 Oct 2017) and confirm the workshop selection during the checkout.


More information about the Lean Innovation Forum (24-26 October) can be found at:

Lean Innovation Forum

The Lean Analytics Association reserves the right to cancel or make changes to the event and/or training programs without prior notice. A minimum number of participants applies for each training session as well as the main event. In case of cancellation by the LAA, the participants shall receive full refund of the event and/or training fees.

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Lean Analytics Association

Lean Analytics Association (LAA) is a non-profit organization that helps companies to transform by enabling lean thinking in their innovation processes. LAA was founded in Switzerland in 2012 as a spin- off from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). Our mission is to facilitate the transformation of companies by applying lean thinking and innovation best practices in the product development process. To accomplish our mission, we focus on enabling professionals to learn, innovate, and share to enable them to remove waste and accelerate the innovation outcomes providing training, organizing networking events and continuously research the latest trends.

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